Monday, August 27, 2012

"S*ck Unu Madda" Navino Tells Aidonia & J.O.P

A miff over the weekend between emerging dancehall star Navino and J.O.P saw the young singer taking to the social media to vent his frustration regarding former mentor Aidonia and members of his entourage behaviour.

In a viral video posted on youtube Navino explained what transpired, triggering his harsh "s*ck yuh madda" response to the J.O.P camp. 

According to the Spanish Town native they (himself & Aidonia) were both recently booked for an event where he delivered a commendable performance. Navino claims despite not disrespecting them, his performance ruffled some feathers in Aidonia's sect subsequently leading to a bottle being hurled in his direction upon departure of the venue. 

A seemingly irritated Navino further explained, since leaving the outfit he has made a concerted effort to avoid any physical or verbal contact with its current members. Elaborating on several issues including why he departed, the state of affairs with childhood friend Deablo, his son, before hurling a plethora of insults at the J.O.P boss and his team.

Navino now signed to Justus and Roach's JA Production label is best known from the single 'Chillin Time' on the Overproof Riddim.