Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bounty Killer & Tommy Lee Face Off At Riverton City

On Tuesday night while U.S President Barack Obama was being re-elected, back home in Jamaica Riverton City became the battleground for an impending showdown between dancehall heavyweight Bounty Killer and new sensation Tommy Lee Sparta.

City Jam hosted by Stashment Records had booked Tommy Lee for the event. However according to residents of the community, the melee started when Bounty Killer who was not officially contracted decided to barge onto the stage after Lee disrespected him.  During his set the Gaza deejay asked the charged crowd. "all who wah mi kuff di goat head say kuff di goat head" they responded with a resounding "kuff di goat head"  at which point he proceeded to unleash some disparaging lyrics.

A seemingly upset Bounty accompanied by his entourage was barred from entering the stage by event security and police personnel as Tommy Lee prolonged his lyrical onslaught. The show ended prematurely after the supporters of both camp became rile and Lee was forced to make a hasty exit. Moments later following a performance alongside Baby Cham,  Bounty followed suit. Due to the unfortunate circumstance acts such as: Tarrus Riley, Junior Reid, I-Octane, Capleton, Ninja Man, Merciless and Fambo never performed.
The following day the Alliance boss took to social media site twitter venting his frustration: "Firs let me state it clearly, nobody nuh box nobody and that was never intended either, all mi know boy inna mi place and dissed mi pon stage so mi step to stage to defend it, and a pure commotion, Heady D and police dem a block up the stage, so mi say if him naah defend it tell him fi cut now and nyammi lee flea, then Heavy D send police come locked off the show, a ten police car Heady D carry over deh, but tell any boy calling up mi name dem better plan to defend it a call up man name fi look big pon stage yu nuh waah clash nuh call up mi name then p*ssy simple any weh mi see dem mi rush dem"