Friday, November 2, 2012

Homosexual Beaten By Security At Jamaican University

An amateur video now making its rounds online captured scenes on Thursday evening at a security post of a popular Jamaican University in St. Andrew where a man accused of being a homosexual was beaten.

In the video a crowd is seen gathered at the guard post, where an unidentified man was taking refuge after he and another man were accused of being caught in an uncompromising position. As the video continues, it captures one guard holding the young man and later slapping his face, then a second guard throws punches and kicks at the man repeatedly before he is held back.

Several onlookers could be heard shouting derogatory comments as the melee ensued. It's further understood that sometime later a stone was thrown breaking the glass window of the guard post, the recording ended prematurely.

Earlier it was reported that the men were found engaging in sexual acts and was caught by persons who proceeded to chase them.

The two men ran, one managed to escape however the young man seen in the video attempted to seek refuge in the guard post before he was beaten by some security personnel. The Police was summoned and the young man was whisked away to safety. Despite the video being removed by Youtube in breach of its policies, other continued to upload the content.