Friday, November 9, 2012

New York Deejay Accuses Fambo Of Stealing His Style

A New York based deejay supposed affiliated to Nicki Minaj has taken to the social media accusing Jamaican artiste Future Fambo of plagiarism.

The artiste known by the alias Spoon is accusing the 'Redbull & Rum' singer of stealing his style and claiming it as his own. In a Youtube viral video Spoon explained that the now popular slang 'Who Does Dat' being used by Fambo was originated by him while pointing to evidence of event posters and other paraphernalia printed earlier this year.

Fambo has since released a song with the same title on the Outstanding Records imprint gaining steady momentum on the local airwaves.

Future Fambo, exploded onto the Dancehall scene in the early 1990s with the hit Kung Fu on the Martial Arts rhythm. Known as Future Troubles then, he emerged as a talented deejay who infused a good sense of humor into his music. He has since transcended to score a number of hits including the most recent Swaggin featuring Tifa and Wayne Marshall.