Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ninja Man Ready For Sting, 'Mi Nuh Fraida Tommy Lee' Says Deejay

Following a public announcement last week that he will never perform at Sting again, artiste Ninja Man has changed his mind. Speaking to the media the Don Gorgon said that come Boxing Day, he will be in full war mode during his set.

"CEO of Downsound Records, Joe Bogdanovich, a work pon a documentary bout di history of Ninja Man, so him link me and tell me say we haffi deal wid dis cause it wudda be a great ending fi di documentary. Him say mi nuh work Sumfest so if mi nuh work Sting, it a go look like mi nah do no show," Ninja Man said.

Although he has not performed at the event since 2007, Ninja Man said that this will be his last Sting appearance, and will be a tribute to his fans.

"Di fans dem fi get whe dem fi get. Di fans dem know say Sting a Ninja Man show. So after Joe link me and him offer me the 'mek up you mind' money, mi and God have a talk and mi reconsider and decide say mi a go do Sting fi di fans," he said.

The artiste said he was offered more money for Sting than what was offered to him by Sumfest, which also swayed his decision.
"When dem offer me the money, mi laugh till me nearly dead. Di 'mek up mi mind' money a more than what Sumfest did a offer me. Dat money different from mi performance money cuz when me fi collect my money, a truck haffi go haul it way," he said.

With Bounty Killer still refusing to perform at the event, Ninja Man says he is ready to demolish any artiste that wants a clash.

"Anybody waan war, see me yah! Mi nah back down. If somebody fi dead then mi a go lyrically kill it. Mi nuh fraida Tommy Lee, him caan kill me pon no stage, tell dem fi send him come."