Sunday, July 27, 2014

Aidonia Get High Marks For Sumfest Performance

Following a fiery performance from Aidonia at Sumfest, the dancehall boss has been receiving great reviews from local and international media and fans on his social media pages around the world.

Robbo Ranks from UK's BBC Radio and DJ Norie from New York City radio station Power 105, who were at Sumfest, both shared the view that Aidonia delivered an exceptional performance, one they had never seen before. They spoke about his growth in the business and said that he had the fans in his corner right there with him.

Many people were surprised to see Aidonia jumping off the stage and jumping fences to get to his fans and to perform for them in the general section. For this gesture, Aidonia has been compared to Akon and T-Pain, who both did the same thing at Sumfest some years ago.

"I just went out on the stage and gave my fans my all, enuh, but while on stage, I couldn't really feel my general fans, and I saw they were enjoying the performance, so I decided to go and connect with them more, and trust me, it was a great feeling being out there. All now, I don't know how me one jump the fence, but a just the works of Jah, yes I," the deejay said.

Aidonia left the island on Thursday to perform in the Bahamas this weekend. He plans to give them a taste of his fiery Sumfest performance.

The deejay returns on Sunday to shoot a video and promote his new song, Coco Powder, produced by Ancient Records. The single has already been garnering lots of views on YouTube and his social media pages