Sunday, December 27, 2015

JOP Deejay 'Nicko Blast' Escape Near Fatal Crash After Getting Derailed By Drunken Driver

Dancehall artiste Nicko Blast who is a member of Aidonia's 4th Genna/JOP recording imprint is today thanking his lucky stars after escaping a near fatal car accident on Boxing Day.

Currently promoting his latest video 'Rapid Response' along with a 27-track mixtape titled 'Full Blast' the deejay was on his way to a performance when the incident occurred. According to information gathered by 876ENT Nicko Blast was driving in the vicinity of Waterloo Road when he notice a speeding car approaching from the opposite direction, the vehicle suddenly switched lane and was en route for a head-on collison when Blast  was forced to swerve aggressively to avoid the impact.

The sudden swerve landed one of his car wheels in a ditch locking the steering wheel of his Honda motorcar. The entertainer said the car began sliding uncontrollably but it was his quick thinking and driving experience that allowed him to regain control of the car which slid an additional 150 meters before slamming into an embankment near the Terra Nova Hotel.

Though escaping with minor injuries a seemingly shaken Nicko Blast in an interview with 876ENT said he is thankful to be alive because if  it was not for his quick reaction the situation could have been fatal. 

"Right now I am very thankful to be alive because if I wasn't paying attention to the road I could have lost my life because of a careless drunken driver."

The driver of the other vehicle who did not stop was said to be drunk as one eyewitness claim an alcoholic beverage was spotted in his hand as he sped away from the scene.