Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vybz Kartel Tells Mavado "Don't Run Again" & Says Alkaline Is Hiding

As the lyrical showdown between Dancehall nemesis Vybz Kartel and Mavado escalates, the Gaza boss has issued a stern warning to the Gully Gad advising him not to run again like he did during the infamous Sting Clash in 2008.

876ENT understands that Mavado is already claiming victory for himself after calling Kartel’s latest diss track titled 'Last One' garbage. But in typical fashion the incarcerated deejay  is responding stating that the Gully Gad is just finding excuses to run from the war. A representative for Kartel in a statement to the media said that he is laughing at Mavado's claim while hinting that those tracks were merely teasers that not even scratched the surface.

“This just sound like the barber a try run from the war, barber boy don’t run,” the source added. 

“These tracks are just warm up but if you look on YouTube and see how many views they've racked up and then check the views on the other side then his argument don’t even stack up. So this is just a way for him to run from the war and by the way this is just warm up because Addi have some crazy things that we don’t drop yet.”

Kartel’s representative also took a jab at fast rising deejay Alkaline saying that he has been in hiding since the war start. “Alka been in hiding but before now him did have a lot of talk,” 

The Worl' Boss released three diss tracks over the past two weeks “Round Corna,” “Step,” and “Last One” taking shots at both Mavado and Alkaline. In response Mavado has released two stinging replies titled “Brawla” and “Mr. Dead.” Amidst all the lyrical melee  the Vendetta deejay  remains silent.

Meanwhile, Aidonia seems to have stepped into the war with a track titled "Fat .40" allegedly aimed at Mavado.