Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aidonia Launches Record Label, Plans To Build Studio

Dancehall lyricist Sheldon Lawrence better known as Aidonia continues to explore entrepreneurship with the transforming of his J.O.P movement into a newly formed record label. This comes on the heels of his first endeavour, a T-Shirt line launched a few weeks earlier.

The label released it's first official compilation titled the 'Fatality Rhythm' featuring Aidonia protege Deablo among others. The project has been receiving favourable rotation on the local airwaves.

Speaking with the media brother and manager Lav Lawrence, explained that the production company has been in the making for over a decade. Now manifested, it will be used an an outlet to fuel the careers of younger acts in the camp.

"J.O.P has been around for 17 years. It started out as a crew with some schoolmates who were interested in music, they deejayed at concerts and so forth. We took the idea from the Scare Dem Crew, so that's how it all started," Lav said.

"He went into production because he wants to push out the young artistes mainly because of the attention that Deablo has been getting. He has a lot of songs with Aidonia but the DJs don't normally play his songs. He did a song on Chimney Record's Money Box Rhythm and it got some play, so Aidonia decided to capitalise on it and produce some rhythms which would give more attention to the J.O.P artistes like Show Crime, Tan Suh, Size 10, Inium and of course Diablo," Lav added.

Lav says the next step will be to build their own recording studio as presently most of the actual recording is done at Ancient Recording Studio.
"He is looking to start his own recording studio very shortly, but everything goes step by step. He started the t-shirt line recently and owning a record label is just a next step for every artiste in order to take their music to the next level. That is how you will benefit financially through royalties so you will get your production rights and your writer's credit and that is what artistes will live from 20 years down the line," Lav said.

In closing Lav intimated that fans can look out for the Death March Rhythm featuring J.O.P members and former Gaza singjay Jahvinci.