Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mr Vegas Vents, Caught Babymother Cheating

Jamaican Dancehall star Mr. Vegas only moments ago took to social media network site Facebook to unleash his anger and disappointment after he allegedly caught the mother of his child Shellian McBayne a former beauty contestant allegedly having sexual intercourse with another male in the presence of his year-old daughter.

According to Vegas he caught the accused in his house on his bed having unprotected sex with another man while his daughter Reina Smith was present. Based on comments posted by the 'Bruk It Dung' singer it appears he and his common-law wife been having ongoing problems in their relationship but things came to a climax with this latest revelation.

Here are the actual comments from Vegas's facebook page: [see page]
"I do not want any1 calling my phone & telling me not to post anything! when shellian mcbayne was in my house f*cking a man with no condom in from of my 1 yr old baby, 2 days before my birhtday, no one was telling her don't do it. when men abuse women, the women center goes hard on us, so when a gal is a dog shit, she must be put on blast. 
i don't give a f*ck. video next!!!!!!!!! dem too bright, look how hard i work to make you live like a goddess. mi nah kill har and guh prison, so let me get it off.....

A seemingly upset Vegas continued, "no one knows my hurt, until you can relate, to this, you can advise me what to do. i am human, blood run through my vein, this is not out of malice, but when a whore get caught and feisty with it, its a different story. ya'll know how hard i work, just to make my family happy and comfortable. a woman can always move on, if a man nah f*ck you right, move the f*ck on! if you don't love a man anymore, move the f*ck on! but don't f*ck me 3 weeks ago, then accuse me of sh*t, then start bringing back up sh*t from 3 yrs ago, then tell me we are over last week tues, for reasons only you and your doctor man knows about, then f*ck a man in my house in my bed, in front my daughter, did i say "daughter". how you left me tues and f*cking a man weds with no condom. bitch you got caught, step down off your high horse. goofy did warn mi. i apologize to you goofy. Nasty blood cl**t bwoy, what kind a man u is f*cking in front of my 1 yr old daughter, in my house at 2 pm. find a hotel bitch!

Despite his anger the artiste vowed not to turn his back on his child as she was not asked to be brought here inspite the ills of the current situation.