Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reggae Singer Anthony B Released From Hospital

Earlier this weeks it was reported that Reggae entertainer Anthony B was hospitalized after collapsing in Dallas, Texas. On Wednesday, October 10th his management revealed that at approximately 5:00p.m. the singer was released from the hospital and is recuperating. 

"Thanks to all my fans who said a prayer for the I and send a word of blessings to rest up" said Anthony B, after being released from the hospital yesterday.

The doctors diagnosis attributes Anthony B's ordeal to exhaustion and dehydration , based on his hectic schedule promoting his 'Freedom Fighter' album. The compilation was released digitally in May and slated to hit stores on October 22, 2012.

"Anthony B has been on the road this year covering the globe, with no almost no rest. He has toured Europe, Africa, United Kingdom , India, Austrailia and still found time to take some spot dates in Barbados and the U.S." says Ronnie Tomlinson, artist publicist.

According to the medical team, Anthony B requires a lot of rest and will need to reschedule his European tour dates. These include three shows scheduled for the United Kingdom; October 12, October 28th and November 7, which is The Red Bull Anniversary at the Wembley Arena.

As for the European Tour, the Agency BA2 Bojan, which is responsible for handling the bookings will correspond with all promoters explaining the situation and making any necessary accommodations.

Anthony B at this time feels so compelled not to disappoint his fans nor promoters yet, must adhere to the rules of nature.