Friday, October 26, 2012

Sean Paul To Do First Performance In India Next Month

Sean Paul is recognized as a trailblazer in a 20-year career that has seen him win multiple awards and sell millions of albums. In November, the Grammy-winning deejay will again break new ground with his first performances in India.

The shows are scheduled for the cities of Delhi, Bangalore and the capital, Mumbai. According to Prashant Kumar of promoters Blue Note Entertainment, Indian fans are excited to see one of dancehall’s icons.

“We have been waiting for Sean to come in India since the last five years. Everyone loves him, people here have been dancing on his tunes for years, and with his new album it will be a special treat for all the fans here,” Kumar said.

Sean Paul kicks off his Indian dates on Friday, November 2 at the Quantum Leap nightclub in Delhi. The following day he is at Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai and he closes on Monday, November 5 at Manpho Convention Center in Bangalore.

The shows in India are part of Sean Paul’s promotional campaign for his latest album, Tomahawk Technique, which was released in the United States on Tuesday, September 18 by Atlantic/VP Records.

The set spawned three hit songs in Got 2 Luv U (featuring Alexis Jordan) which has topped charts across the Caribbean and Europe and has reached a milestone by achieving over 100 million views on youtube, She Doesn’t Mind and How Deep is Your Love which features Kelly Rowland, formerly of Destiny’s Child. Sean Paul is one of the most successful Jamaican artistes ever. His Dutty Rock and The Trinity albums sold millions on the strength of hit songs like Gimmie The Light, Like Glue, Temperature and Give it up to Me.

Those songs hit the mark throughout India where the market for pop music has taken off in major cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. Temperature and Give it up to Me from The Trinity are particularly popular in clubs.

Sean Paul has performed in over 100 territories, covering the five continents. But though he has made appearances in Asian countries he has never performed in India, a country known for its fanatic love of cricket and the thriving Bollywood film industry.