Monday, October 29, 2012

Lady Saw Boyfriend Impregnates Other Woman

After weeks of public fallout from cheating scandal involving Mr. Vegas’ ex-girlfriend, another prominent Dancehall star has been dealing publicly with infidelity in her own relationship.

Like Vegas, the ‘Queen of the Dancehall,’ Lady Saw took to social media to vent her frustrations after finding out that her common-law husband of 17 years, Lloyd ‘John John’ James cheated with another woman. To make matters worse, the woman, who reportedly lives down the road from Lady Saw, was impregnated by John John.

Lady Saw initially took the news hard, concerning fans by tweeting messages earlier this month such as “Looking out from my balcony thinking to myself NO NOT AGAIN,” as well as “I knew it but was only waiting to confirm now it now it is confirm so where do I go from here.” However, after some time to think, Lady Saw decided to stick by her producer boyfriend despite yet another case of infidelity, speaking with the media last week the deejay said she won’t allow anyone to break up her relationship with John John.

“I am not allowing anyone to break up me and my man of 17 years. Once he is not with another man I am fine,” Lady Saw said.

“Everybody cheat because I am not perfect myself, who is perfect cast the first stone… I have so many miscarriages so maybe these are the sons that he should get and I couldn’t give him, so she can do the carrying and I do the marrying.”

Over the last week, Lady Saw continued to vent her frustrations on Facebook and Twitter before being told to get off social media by her publicist. As of now, like the aforementioned Vegas, Lady Saw has deactivated her official Twitter page.

Lady Saw and John John have endured their share of trials and tribulations during their 17-year relationship. As the Queen of Dancehall alluded to to the fact that, she had her share of miscarriages while with her common-law husband and has three adopted children with her boyfriend. Additionally, Lady Saw recorded the well-received single, Infertility (No Less Than a Woman) in 2007, which encouraged women who could not bear children to be unashamed of their situations as she spoke of her own struggles to have kids.