Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flippa Mafia Changes His Name & Ready For STING

Dancehall artiste and self proclaimed ‘flossing king’ Flippa Mafia has changed his name and will be known as 'Flippa Moggela' from here onwards.

Following a two year hiatus, the artiste who excited the Dancehall scene with songs such as 'Dem Ya', 'Unfinished House' and 'Star a Star', is planning a surprise performance for the annual Boxing Day event STING.

"I’m planning a welcome home performance for the fans. I’m going to give the people some of what they have been missing because right now the Dancehall is short of the flossing, champagne flavour, fun and enjoyment”, Flippa explained.

Noticeably absent from the Jamaican social scene he has been busy carving out his own niche on the Dancehall circuit in Philadelphia and other environs throughout the U.S.

No stranger to the STING stage, Flippa has performed at the concert on numerous occasions before he became a household name. "Sting is an important show and it basically decides who will be the hot artiste for the following year", - He explained.

Meanwhile, on December 30th,  Flippa will host an event called 'The Return of the Flossing King' at Oneil’s Place, Hagley Park Road in Kingston. His recent birthday celebrations held at Nifigi Nightclub in Philadelphia attracted a number of music industry heavyweights and Dancehall personalities.

Aside from parties and performances, Flippa has established his own recording imprint called Flip Money Records and has since released a single titled 'We a Moggela'. Additionally there are two upcoming projects slated for released soon. The first titled Raw Money featuring offerings from himself, I-Octane, Aidonia, Assassin, Capleton among others. The rhythm was created by Big Ship’s Steven McGregor.