Sunday, November 10, 2013

Demarco Premiers Official Video For 'Party'

The Goosebumps Rhythm continues to gain traction well into the fall season with the release of yet another video from the plethora of heavily rotated singles on the project. This time it’s International Reggae Dancehall superstar Demarco with a highly anticipated video. 

Aptly titled ‘Party’ the video depicts exactly that, a ‘party’, shot in the prodigious Famous Night Club in Toronto, Canada. Draped with beautiful women, swagged out dancers and liquor flowing throughout, the energy of the song is surely captured in the images of this well produced video. Demarco is personally pleased with the finished product and can’t wait for his fans to feast their eyes upon what his team has synergized with the Canadian directors and local editors Kritic and GD Films.

While on tour in Canada, the project came full circle as during the sojourn the opportunity arose to work with fresh directorial talents that could bring a different perspective to the visuals and Demarco jumped at the chance.  In a statement to the media he intimated that, “Aside from touring we also party globally having fun anywhere we go so it’s not an abnormal occurrence to see us doing it in a Canadian atmosphere, it’s comes rather natural”.  
Camar Campbell of Frankie Music Productions sees this as another propelling force for the Goosebumps Rhythm project which will be the only Dancehall compilation released from the Team Coalition Producer for the remainder on 2013. ‘It’s a great project and outside of the various singles being released right now on the Frankie Music label, we will be focusing our energies on consistently promoting the Goosebumps project internationally for the rest of this year’

The Demarco ‘Party’ video also pokes fun at one particular Caucasian male who isn't the very best dancer whilst showing Demarco himself busting a move!