Monday, March 10, 2014

Demarco Responds To Criticism from Church Group

This is a response to an article published in the Thursday, March 6, 2014 edition of the Jamaica Gleaner titled ‘Church Group Slams Dancehall Videos’ where Christian Brethren Assemblies Jamaica (CBAJ) said the authorities should put an end to these controversial music videos,; specifically taking Demarco and others to task citing their videos as "not edifying or constructive in any way".

In response Demarco says, “As a God fearing individual I have always held the Church in high regard and still do; however I believe some of these pious persons and theological institutions are beyond the realm of hypocrisy. As I’ve previously stated the video was never released to the masses intentionally, and all was done to remedy the situation including a statement to the media; yet these social and religious groups remain steadfast with their agenda.

Ironically a simple perusal of the local papers will reveal a plethora of scandals plaguing the church and its leaders most of which they have failed to address. Here are a few headlines from recent publications in the local tabloids: ‘Pastor Flees After Sex Scandal’,  ‘Cops Probe Claim That ... 73-Y-O Deacon Fondles Child At Church’, ‘Deacon, Pastor Sex Act Busted At Church’, ‘Woman Tells Congregation ... "I Had Sex With Pastor’ , paradoxically with all these acts of lechery making headlines in the Jamaican media the CBAJ can still find time to be pointing finger at the Dancehall and its practitioners. Instead the group needs to focus on its divine duties and leave the administration of Dancehall to the Broadcasting Commission.

There is an old proverb in Jamaica that says “Scawnful dawg nyam dutty pudd'n” simply translated as “The same situation you were critical of may apply to you” or “Always look at yourself before criticizing others.” To all the naysayers, please appreciate I never profess to be a paragon of Dancehall and no one is perfect or without sin so before you go pointing finger at others take a look at your own surroundings……. Bun Up” - Demarco.

Meanwhile, the singer has released his latest video for the party anthem 'Loyal', the visuals was shot by True Gift Entertainment.