Saturday, April 18, 2015

Producer Rvssian Says Chronixx Is Giving 'Jamaica A Bad Name'

Chronixx continues to be a hot topic since making the 'waste man' comment that was seemingly aimed at US President Barack Obama.

In addition to being discussed on radio shows hosted by Barry G and Mutabaruka, producer Rvssian, of head Concussion Records, also took to social media to address the comments made by Chronixx.

Last week, Rvssian posted a video with Barack Obama and sprinter Usain Bolt greeting each other, that was followed by a lengthy post about what Chronixx said.

"Big up to @UsainBolt @BarackObama. Thank you for having a great sense of humour with my Jamaican people. Now, Dear "MR WASTEMAN Chronixx" ... Same guy who said on HYPE TV "mi will sell out mi friends and family for little or nothing before mi sell out jah". Well sir, if you sell out those two people, you just sell out Jah/God. I'm not saying I'm the biggest Obama supporter but you as a man who has a 'voice' and claim you're a 'Rasta' should practice 'unity' instead of 'division'," he said in the post.

"You're also giving Jamaicans a bad name as supposedly being a role model. You're also glorying Marcus Garvey. Just like President Obama he has flaws (he did his little black star line Ponzi scheme), but no man is perfect. A you shoulda name 'Mr Perfect'? Next ting nuh you did perform on America's Jimmy Fallon show? Better watch you mouth before you lose the U.S. visa & won't be able to count the US dollars. Also, if you stand by your words, why you delete the post? You just sell yourself short. Doesn't take a rasta to bun a fire? P.S. it's not a white or black or religion thing [because] my father is a rasta and I grew up in that."

However, there was no response from Chronixx, despite being tagged in comments being made by various persons.

The whole issue came to the fore last week when Chronixx posted a picture of Marcus Garvey on Instagram, stating that the national hero still had a criminal record in the United States while "we glorifying some waste man!"

Since the post, Twin of Twin's Patrick Gaynor also chimed in on Instagram yesterday.

"In my opinion, the Chronixx situation is a reminder that Jamaica is truly NOT the free society it claims to be. While I understand where his statement might seem abrasive, any historically enlightened person can understand the intention of his statement and know it just did not come out right," he said.

He also said there seems to be "a selective process in Jamaica as it relates to the voice of other individuals or groups who are given free reign to express their opinions even in offence of others?"

He also questioned why Culture Minister Lisa Hanna was so caught up with Chronixx, while there are other serious issues not being addressed.

In the lengthy post, Gaynor also said, "Slavery has never ended, the slave masters merely shifted perspective. Just like the official institution of slavery, the slaves are still being kept apart by forcing them to place value on the least of things, and by things, I mean material."

He continued, "The rebellious ones are still being beaten into submission by a system that offers what may seem like a better alternative which is to look out only for self. Four of the biggest problems with this country are: classism, illiteracy, disunity, and indiscipline. Jamaica has lost it's moral compass."