Monday, April 20, 2015

Renato Adams Pushing For Death Penalty, Says Kill Those Cannibals

Renato Adams calls them cannibals and says they should be put to death. Those are murderers of course, and the retired crime fighter says there should be no place for them in the society.

“We have to find a way to rid the society (of) those cannibals who prey on innocent people and murder children,” said Adams who reached the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police.

There have been more than 320 murder cases in Jamaica since the start of the year, including the case of the three teenage boys who were murdered in a single incident in Clarendon last week.

Adams, in pushing for the death penalty, said persons accused of murder “must be tried, found guilty, exhaust the last letter of the appeals available to them, and when that has happened, in a modern civilised way where science is so improved …(put to death).”

Parliamentarians, in a conscience vote in 2008, voted to keep the death penalty on the books. But amid international pressure for Jamaica to abolish the death penalty, Adams argue that first world countries such as the United States, England, France and Germany still carry out executions, some of which are carried out under the guise of fighting terrorism.

“You will recognise that they use their drones, go into the sky and fire it in a crowd just to get one person and 50 other persons are killed,” he said.

Helen Coley Nicholson said that Jamaica has to take an intellectual approach to dealing with criminality. She said that lethal violence ruptures the hearts and communities.

“We are feeling for people whose relatives have been murdered, we are feeling for mothers whose babies have been raped, but we are also saying that violence, even when it is violence on somebody who is guilty of the most atrocious crime, consider the family that that people has come from, the community the person has come from,” she said.

She argued that execution by the state would only “shock and rupture” the community from which the guilty person is from and that this will only exacerbate the problem.