Tuesday, April 21, 2015

'Tom Cruise' Invades Dancehall

'Tom Cruise' is the name of the latest dance move and song taking over the dancehall scene, especially in London.

KMG Records has released the catchy new song fuelling the craze. Don Andre, controversial artiste based in the United Kingdom, penned the lyrics for the song. Since its release, it has been gaining momentum online, making its way to becoming the next viral sensation.

Popular dancers, such as Dancehall Queen Nickeisha have endorsed the move by creating their own videos, displaying how the movement is done. Dancehall King Short Man recently demonstrated the Tom Cruise move in Sweden where it was well received.

Don Andre expressed that he is, "ecstatic, overwhelmed and delighted! I don't think that there are enough words to explain the feeling I have towards the response of Tom Cruise. To know it wasn't planned or nothing, 100 per cent spontaneous! The Tom Cruise song and dance move is just the result of some late-night antics during a studio session."

Based on the reception to the record, an official viral video was produced by Top Shellv, satisfying immediate demand.

Danga Pro directed the flick that is being circulated until the official video is completed. It is scheduled for premiere in May and is being directed by Elmino.