Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bootleggers Cash In On Twin Of Twins Movie, Duo Reacts

Dancehall duo Twin of Twins managed to keep their movie 'Ching Pow' exclusive since its release in 2014, in an attempt to benefit from ticket sales at selected theatres.

However, a recent decision to upload the movie online proved to work against the duo, as the film is now being bootlegged islandwide.

Twin of Twins, who have suffered at the hands of pirates before, for the 10 installment of their Stir It Up series, said that the practice is hurting their pockets.

"The producer put it up on a site, saying it's for DVD downloads, and this is the result. It was there for sale, but yuh know sey from one person buy it, the rest is history. The movie is the biggest thing right now and people have been calling our phones from all over saying they love it. So, I guess we can look at it as promotion for part two," Patrick Gaynor of the duo said.

The damaging impact of the piracy has led the duo to seek new means of marketing their upcoming projects. However, they did not want to reveal the ideas they will be doing in the future.

"We are at the drawing board to see how to translate our work into real income. We are living in the day and age of piracy, and so we are coming up with some creative ideas of our own to counteract the act, but we don't wish to reveal those ideas to the public because they will pirate the ideas as well," Gaynor said.

Currently adding the final touches to the 11th installment of their Stir It Up series, which will be released in coming weeks, Twin of Twins are banking on the support of their most honest fans.

"We have become immune to piracy and numb. It is sad and disappointing to see people stand-offish when you are trying to market your work through the correct channels, but those same people will buy it illegal (DVD) for $100 on the streets," Gaynor said.

Twin of Twins are also in dialogue with corporate theatre houses in an attempt to get part two of the movie its fair run in local cinemas.