Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Comedian Wally British Breaks Down In Tears After Being Clapped Off Stage

Popular social media personality Wally British faced the ire of patrons when she appeared at Oral Tracey's Let Loose comedy show on Sunday night.

According to a production source, her introduction to the stage was met with screams and applause, having built up a fanbase in the island, but that was short-lived.

"She started off well, she had lots of supporters when she was introduced, but as her set progressed, it was evident that she is inexperienced. She's not versed in performing live," the source said

He added that her jokes did not connect with the audience that gathered at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston for the show.

"Her delivery didn't go down well with the crowd and she didn't pick up on the fact that she wasn't connecting. She never adjusted her set, plus she strayed away from the things she became known for," he said.

According to the source, the audience got fed up and began to clap her off the stage.

"They clapped her off, and when she came off stage, she cried. She was bawling. They had to console her. She is a nice person, me feel it fi her. But it's show business, things happen," he said.

Efforts to contact Wally British for a comment was unsuccessful.

However, another comedian who performed at the show, Professor Nuts, saidPopular social media personality Wally British faced the ire of patrons when she appeared at Oral Tthat he was proud of her efforts nonetheless.

"She wasn't too bad enuh. She was trying. It's just that she wasn't connecting. When they initially began clapping her off, she was persistent in trying to make an impact. The crowd was just not gravitating to her. It's devastating for her, but she will learn. She's doing the job the right way. You learn from experience, so she just has to keep at it," he said.

When contacted, the show's promoter, Oral Tracey, would not comment on the matter, but instead expressed his disappointment at Twin of Twins.

"I'm disappointed in them. They have the material. They are known for their social commentary, but they failed to deliver. They didn't live up to my expectations. I know they are creative, but they didn't connect with the audience," he said.

Questioned as to whether he would book Twin of Twins for another event, Oral Tracey declined to respond.