Monday, August 3, 2015

LA Lewis Diss Tony Matterhorn, Alkaline, Ragashanti, Gage & Kalado, Says They Are Homosexuals [WATCH VIDEO]

After last week's war of words between Gully Bop, Mc Nuffy and Tony Matterhorn which subsequently led to Bop's fiancée threatening a lawsuit against the selector, dancehall enigma LA Lewis has now joined the controversy.

Lewis known for his outlandish behaviour generally aimed at garnering attention has launched some scattering accusations against several entertainment personalities, all of whom he deems to be a bunch of homosexuals.

According to Lewis the photo with Tony Matterhorn and the transvestites are authentic and proves that he is a homosexual because he personally knows Matterhorn can't say he was high because he doesn't consume alcohol or smoke marijuana therefore he knew what he was doing.

"Matterhorn mek some man hug him up I don't know if he gave them a blowjob when him leave after the party.. people mek mi tell yuh something maggie bwoy a fish dem cyah trick me."

Not holding back he went ever further with the accusations stating, "Ragashanti, Shebada, Tony Matterhorn Gaygas, Alkaline, Gage, Kalado di whole a dem a b***yman dem ago dead.. ah Jesus Christ mi seh.. Ah Selassie mi seh a Allah ah Buddah mi seh"

Lewis continued, "If I come a America right now no b***yman can't come a none a mi concert.. dem ago get gunshot dem ago get chop up....... gays are not human beings" 

In closing Lewis posed the question asking the masses if they believe Tony Matterhorn was a full or part-time homosexual he also gave a shout out to Bop's common-law wife Shauna Chin and warned government minister Damion Crawford to be careful of the statements he make in public relating to gays living next to him.