Monday, December 7, 2015

Selector Wessy Wessy Claims He was Violated by Junior Reid

Popular street jock Wessy Wessy and Rastafarian crooner Junior Reid are apparently at odds over the selector's failure to play and endorse a track by the veteran Reggae singer at a street party last week.

Patrons who attended Nipples Tuesday in Waterhouse, St Andrew last week observed Junior Reid and Wessy Wessy in a heated argument. which led to Reid subsequently leaving the venue.

Via a Whatsapp blast that surfaced on Friday, Wessy Wessy claimed that he was "violated" by Reid for not endorsing one of the singer's songs and “bawling on it”.

“Junior Reid, somebody will dominate you and someone will cut your locks,” he said in the voice note. before further stating “I do not owe you any favours.”

He called Reid an “extinct artiste” whose singles could not be played during the uptempo segment of the party.

Meanwhile, earlier this year the reggae singer released his new album “The Living Legend” . The veteran has been working on the 19-track project since last year and fans finally are able to get their hands on it.

“We went for an original roots-rock feel,” Junior Reid said. “However, the lead single Love You Back has a pop-commercial feel, that is why we shot a video for the international market."

The album features guest appearances from Julian Marley on a track titled “Never Too Rough” and Sizzla Kalonji on “This Generation.”

Reid co-produced the album along with his son Lynford ‘Fatta’ Marshall.