Monday, October 17, 2016

"Her Performance Was Not Appropriate" - Public Reacts To Spice Performance at Rio Ambassadors Concert

If going through a relationship split with her former beau Nicholas Lall and deciding to remain celibate for one year is not enough drama it appears that Dancehall artiste Spice has once again found herself as the topic of discussion among the masses following her recent performance at the Rio Olympics Ambassadors concert held over the weekend.

The Concert hosted by the Jamaican government to celebrate the feats of the Jamaican contingent in the just concluded Rio Olympics in Brazil was promoted as an esteemed event with heavy attendance from members of the upper echelons.

With the announcement of Spice as part of the entertainment line-up, many an eyebrows were raised as the 'Indicator' singer was not one seen as having appropriate music for the occasion. Following a noteworthy set by Gospel singer Kevin Downswell the dancehall diva took the stage and the fear of the face of many including some athletes was quite noticeable.

Following her performance many took to social media to voice their opinions, here are some of the comments below: 

“Love Spice as a top dancehall female artist. But whomever added Spice to the Rio Sports Ambassadors concert made a wrong move. Her performance was not appropriate for such an event filled with dignitaries. The indicator dance for such an event? Cmon people ..‼️ This was not a roll inna dirt, dry hump type of event … hellllooooo .. RIO meant Olympics .. Ambassadors meant very important people ‼️‼️.. HELLLLLOOOO‼️‼️‼️From you see Richie Feelings button up him shirt and stuff it inna him pants that was an indication of what type of event it was .. larks man Ratchet”

“I believe she toned it down tho, she never brought her dancers, she had on a dress, that is what she sings, unless dem did want her sing some beyonce songs, smh them too disgusting, but i am sure that had dress rehearsals too. Something clearly went wrong tho.”

“I don’t listen her music and I’m not a fan of Dancehall. But honestly i think she did tone it down. She had on a dress!!!! Not a short shorts nor tights. Not a belly skin and she left her dancers, n she didnt”

“Her mouth says “I’m celibate, but he attire/body language ah bawl out “skin out mi good good !! Lol”

“That’s all she know ,so she shouldn’t have even been part of the show in my opinion”

“Firstly they shouldn’t have invited her to perform, she don’t know to be Grace and not spice, her songs just raw chaw so that place was just not for her! #period and did she actually wore that to such an event?? Kmt”

“Spice have to know and learn when how and where. Simple as that. This wasn’t a dancehall event. Smh”