Monday, February 20, 2017

Tifa Strengthened by Her Scars [WATCH VIDEO]

Hidden between the sensual beats and infectious rhythms are stories that no doubt have a major impact on the creative process of the players in the music industry.

Latifa Brown, known to most as 'Tifa', took persons back to school with her song  Spell It Out and has been hammering the local and international charts ever since. But behind the energetic and captivating performances are scars that continue to fuel her drive and passion to be successful.

For most women, the months of pregnancy are normally precious and are cemented in their memories, and for Margaret Miller it was no different.

However, the experience was made even more memorable as at about six months into her pregnancy, she was stung by a scorpion in her belly button, poisoning her and her unborn child. For the remainder of her pregnancy, she could only ingest cerasee tea, thus lacking the proper nutrients she needed to nourish the foetus. Miller's daughter, Latifa, was born with her legs at a 45-degree angle, and even though surgery was suggested she opted not to have one on her newborn.

After doing adequate research, Brown had her first surgery at age six. It was then that German surgeons diagnosed her with Blount's disease. Blount's disease is a growth disorder of the tibia (shin bone) that causes the lower leg to angle inward, resembling a bowleg. Brown explained that one in every 16 million has this disease. She did three surgeries. After each surgery, her legs would straighten; however, as she grew they would revert to their original position. After the third surgery, experts took the decision to stop the growth of both her legs. "I have 11-year-old legs," Brown told Flair with a chuckle.

Her legs were not the only things that were affected by the disease. Brown told Flair that her teeth did not develop until she was almost three years old. In fact, after they fully came up, they did not fall out as 'regular' milk teeth did. All her teeth had to be extracted to allow the new ones to grow. To this day, she still doesn't have her full complement. [WATCH INTERVIEW FOR FULL STORY]