Thursday, April 13, 2017

Drama Intensifies Between 'Bad Girls Of Dancehall' As Episode 5 Set To Premier [WATCH VIDEO]

The drama seems to be intensifying with the unfolding of every new episode of the Jamaican reality series 'Bad Girls Of Dancehall' that has become a hit with its online audience. The series which aires fortnightly via Youtube  ( features some of the island's top female dancers giving viewers an uncut perspective into their lives; the trials and triumphs of their daily endeavours.

Currently in the fourth instalment of it's first season the new episode title "Anger Management" sees Dancehall Queen Sher tackling her weight issues, While Chinny Unique finds solace in Head Top Aneika as she tried to come to terms with the incarceration of her brother with whom she shares a close bond. The drama is further intensified as Dancehall Queen Cuban gets into a physical confrontation with Chinny Unique during an allegedly dance class mishap. Forcing even the technical team to get involve.

How will all this drama play out? Well fans have been waiting with bated breath for the fifth episode which is slated to premier this Sunday at 7:00pm.

'Bad Girls Of Dancehall' is executively produced by Triad Media and features Dancehall Queens Sher, Aneika Head Top, Renee Sixthirty, Cuban and Chinny Unique.