Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Deejay In Family Feud, Sister Gets Slapped In Face

According to an article published in the Wednesday edition of the Jamaica STAR a dispute between a popular deejay, his babymother and his sister is now the topic of much discussion in St Elizabeth.

The incident which unfolded at approximately 5:00pm on Monday afternoon, caused a large crowd to gather as many were left in shock and disbelief following the commotion.

Allegations are that on Monday, the prominent deejay, a former Rising Star finalist and a native of St. Elizabeth was at a location in the parish in the company of a female friend.

At that time, the mother of his child was allegedly in the vicinity. It is believed that the deejay sent someone to collect a set of house keys from the woman.

One eyewitness recalled, "When him send fi the key him babymother send back a message with bad words telling him about him mother. His sister who is good friends with the babymother was there also and she shouted a wha wrong wid ... wah mek him no move and go si down."

It is further alleged at that point the deejay confronted his sister, and became very hostile subsequently leading to a physical altercation.

"People part them and them mother came down there but when the sister was explaining what happened, him come over there and box her in her face, buss it up," the eyewitness further said.

Another unhappy eyewitness lamented about the deejay's conduct.
"The fact that he has beaten up his sister, how can he do that, he is also disrespecting his babymother," she expressed.

Since the incident, several persons have also been calling our newsroom to leave their comments.

Following the incident efforts to get a comment from the police proved futile. An on-duty officer told the local paper that she was not at liberty to disclose such information.

Nevertheless, since yesterday, the incident has been making the rounds on social networking site Facebook. A picture taken at the scene has also been uploaded online.