Friday, September 28, 2012

Bounty Killer Warns Beenie Man and Tommy Lee

It appears the 'Goat Head' song done by Tommy Lee has struck a very unfavourable chord with the warlord Bounty Killer who has wasted no time in lyrically scolding the young deejay along with long-time nemesis Beenie in a new song titled 'Di Gaad'.

Produced by Markus Records on the soon-to-be-released Street Bomb Rhythm, Bounty issued a stern warning to Beenie Man and Lee with the following lines:

"say dem brave__ dem nuh brave like di Gaad___ anuh wah day or wah night mi bad___
mi alone we go circle dem endz like me mad___ dem a get toe tag___
Jamaica dun seet seh dem a coward__ di whole a hundred kno dem nuh bad___
Park Lane kno dem nuh bad___ all di one Betweenie Sparta yuh fit eeeni___
yuh and the demon a par inna bikini___ memba badness a mi teach it__
so tell di hog head nyammy lee stop call up mi name___"

Bounty's lyrical reprisal come on the heels of some harsh exchanges via Twitter [view twitter conversation] earlier this week with Gaza affiliate producer Elvis Redwood of So Unique Records.