Friday, September 28, 2012

Lisa Hyper & Laza Morgan Rubbishes Relationship Rumours

Former Gaza member and controversial female deejay Lisa Hyper over the past week has been rumoured to be romantically involved with international reggae crooner Laza Morgan. Allegations are that the two have become extremely close since collaborating on their single Gangster Love.

Despite these claims, Lisa Hyper dismissed the allegations citing them as false and misleading.

"We have been going out and doing music. We have a musical relationship I guess you could say we are close musical friends. We did a movie called Gangster Love so I guess footage of that could have hit the Internet and people take it to the next level. There is a nude lovemaking scene in the movie, so all of that can push people to think otherwise," she said.

Hyper, intimates that the contents of the song could have been a catalyst to the speculations.

"The song is just straightforward, so I guess that is why the attention is being directed to our friendship so much and posting questions. I guess the love concept and because we have been spending a lot of time together," she added.

"He got me into a different character, he is very respectful and charming, and overall it was just an adventure." Lisa explained with asked about Laza.

The video for Gangster Love is set to be premiered in the coming week. Lisa Hyper and Laza Morgan are both expected to embark on a tour of local schools in the coming months. Selected institutions will be provided with educational gadgets.