Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Captain Barkey Alleged Killer Commits Suicide

Joseph 'County' Kernizan the suspect named in connection with the October 13th double murder of 50-year-old Jamaican entertainer Wayne Hamilton aka 'Captain Barkey' and  36-year-old Tracy Bennett, fatally shot himself on Tuesday night in North West Miami Dade County as law enforcement officials closed in on him.

According to media reports, the suspect fled to Florida following the gruesome double killing at a Bronx, New York hotel on Saturday where the Miami Police, NYPD Detectives and the Marshall Taskforce of New York, tracked him down to an apartment in South Florida. 

One Officer stated in a CBS4 News interview, that they swooped down on the location and called out persons from the apartment; while persons began to exit the location, shots were heard. A robot was used by the police to go into the apartment where a body was discovered along with weapons. 

On October 13, Captain Barkey and his female companion Tracy Bennett were exiting a motel when its suspected that Kernizan opened fire, killing him on the spot and then chased down his ex-girlfriend who pleaded for her life before being shot and killed. According to the police the suspect then returned to Captain Barkey's body and pumped more shots into him to make sure that he was dead.