Friday, October 19, 2012

Konshens Interview Upsets Mr Vegas, Artiste Reacts

A recent interview done by Subkonshus recording artiste Konshens at the studios of Hot 97FM has not gone down very well with fellow entertainer Mr. Vegas

The 'Stop Sign' singer on a recent trip to the U.S. made a courtesy call by the New York based radio station to chat with Cipha, Rosenberg and K Foxx about his career and in the process was quizzed about Mr. Vegas's ordeal, where he accused his common-law wife of infidelity and disdain.

During the interview Rosenberg asked Konshens if he saw the interview where Mr. Vegas broke down while opening up about the scandal.
“Yes I saw a little bit of it,” Konshens said nonchalantly. When asked what were his thoughts he explained, “it was nice. It was funny, we all know it was a lie__ well I thought it was a lie,” Konshens added.

The remarks seems to have struck an infelicitous chord with Mr Vegas who chided Konshens via Twitter saying it was OK for him to discuss the issue, but had no right nor grounds to say it was a lie.

Konshens in his defense quickly fired back on the social media network tweeting, "@MrVegasMusic with all due respect RE the fuk credibility an song playin drop in ITS A COMEDY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! _____  u went public with ur sh*t so if its true or not ppl are gonna discuss it...u a vet so u know dat____ relax man, if a real ting u will get past it I think its not real,if it is I'm glad u didn't kill the n*gga an a dat mi say ____ as artiste we too touchy for the carreer WE CHOSE dats why unnu always kick off every second... RELAX an drop some more hits."

Though many are in support and share the opinion of Konshens, others have scolded him for his remarks, one Youtube user in particular named 'Keke145 stated, "Konshens should have taken the high road and shut the hell up about the situation. No need to laugh about it.. how is he soooo sure that the man is lying? He didn't need to do that still. Grow up.."