Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rumours Of Reprisal, Bounty Issues Strong Warning

In the aftermath of the City Jam fiasco last week in Riverton City, that resulted in Tommy Lee Sparta making an early exit off stage due to Bounty Killer and his entourage. New rumours have surfaced that a requital is being planned for whenever the Alliance boss visits Montego Bay.

In typical fashion, Bounty Killer after grabbing wind of the street gossip resorted to social media outlet Twitter to vent; issuing a stern warning to detractors who are allegedly planning to sully him.

The Warlord tweeted, "Mi hear whispering a go roun bout when me come a mobay wah and wah ago happen, but mek mi tell some paper tongue fool this, any plan dem plan mek sure it blue print on paper and cyaah change, bcuz any mistake dem mek it's gonna be a fistake, mi nuh iron man so mi naah go say nobody cyaah do mi ntn but try don't leave no trace simple, and nobody cyaah do mi ntn on the behalf of another Dj, unless that Dj gonna stop sing pon stage and stop go places world wide, so tell some hurry come fool fi know dem b*mb*claath self, and when Demon a plan God a wipe so Anything a Anything bring it fools!!!"

The militant deejay continued, "Never under estimate fools bcuz only fools does foolish things, boy done chat bout kick dung like ninja, so mi first a kick dem dung, a could baby bcuz not even pickney fraid dem parents again!"

Meanwhile, after stating that he was no longer interested in performing at Sting due to disrespect. Co-promoter Heavy D insist that Bounty is still booked for the event and is already paid a 50% deposit of J$500,000. Heavy D says unless the the money is returned they expected that the 'cross, angry, miserable' deejay will honour his contract.