Monday, December 3, 2012

'A Fraid Yuh Fraid' - Iyara Tells Munga Honorable

After provoking the Alliance and other camps with his song 'Affe Dead', in which he states "if a war we nuh cry we nuh beg out cree coulda Alliance, Gaza or JOP" it appears that Dancehall deejay Munga Honorable has stirred the wrath of Bounty Killer proteges.

In defense of their mentor, Alliance Next Generation (ANG) has released two diss tracks courtesy of Kalado and Iyara that seems to have Munga revising his statement. According to him he doesn't know who's ANG nor are they on his level.

"Who name ANG? Bounty send mi a tweet and mi reply to Bounty Killer. Mi nuh inna nuh chatting wid nuh likkle bwoy. Dem fi listen out fi Mad Rhyme, one of my likkle students. Dem likkle deejay deh nuh inna mi league. A who dem? A who dat man? I wouldn't even clash dem because mi woulda downgrade miself," - Munga explained

However, ANG member Iyara who last year traded lyrical shots with Deva Brat has lashed out at Munga stating 'he is afraid'.

"Wi nuh deh pon him level? Him right, because wi nuh deh suh low like him, nuh him sey anything a anything inna song. Suh mek him nuh step out now, wey him a run fah? Him alone cyah guh manage wi, him a guh need Munga, Autotune and Mellodime. Bout wi nuh deh pon yu level? A fraid yu fraid a pebble, from yu brave enough fi dis di thing wi brave enough fi write yu off. Mi nuh know nothing bout Sting this year, but if Munga feel like him bad mek him put him foot ova Sting. Laing wudda need fi book three stage band and three casket fi Munga, Autotune and Mellodime because him a guh need dem," - Iyara said.

Meanwhile, following the exchange between Bounty and Munga via Twitter which resulted in the two making newspaper headlines, Bounty again took to Twitter and tweeted: "Tell dem say thanx to the Gaad and his Laad's 4 the star front page today yrs they haven't been seen there Iconic!"