Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vybrant Releases Music Video For 'Hurt Mi Heart'

Fast rising Reggae artiste Vybrant has released the video for his most recent radio hit Hurt Mi Heart. The artiste whose real name is Andre Johnson, has been knocking on the doors of stardom for the past three years.

Vybrant, who debuted with the chart topping single Ears Hard for Major Links Entertainment, says Hurt Mi Heart was done in tribute to one of his friends who died at the hands of law enforcement officials.

"A lot of emotions went into the making of the Hurt Mi Heart video. Just the fact that it’s a real life situation, it did bring back a lot of memories", Vybrant explained.

The project was directed by Jerome Hyde of Unplugged Multimedia. He described working on the video as ‘full of energy’.

‘Working on the video was fun and full of energy. A lot of people came out to support the video. But shortly after the video was completed, a girl who was in the video, she passed away. So that broke us down emotionally’, Vybrant revealed.

The artiste has recorded a number of singles in recent months. His most recent efforts include Nah Fight the Law which is featured on the Journey rhythm from UIM Records; and Dirt Poor from producer Jamie Roberts’ Reservoir rhythm project.

A practicing Rastafarian, Vybrant’s career has gone through numerous phases as initially he was a hardcore deejay who went by the moniker "Squeechie Killer". Serious medical issues however, slowed down the career of this bright young star that caused his career to be sidetracked for two years. He was living a life that was heading in the wrong direction of gang and violence. He would later found Rastafari as the message of His Majesty Haile Selassie and Marcus Garvey found its way in the heart of Andre while he was a patient in hospital. As a result his direction and views on life took a 360 degree turn.