Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wasp Changes His Name & Celebrates Birthday

Dancehall artiste Marvin Clarke better known as Wasp who recently celebrated his birthday has also changed the spelling of his name to to create more distinction.

According to the artiste, an international rock group also has the name Wasp and he wants to maintain clarity between himself and the group hence amending his moniker to be spelt 'Waspp'

"The group has a presence on the Internet that outweighs mine, and that creates a problem for persons wanting to find my dancehall brand online," he said.

Persons wanting to hear music related to the dancehall artiste are now asked to search for Waspp.

Since the release of popular songs Unfair Officer and Cry Fi Dem, Waspp experienced several challenges in the music industry and had taken some time off to rebuild himself. Now the artiste disclosed that he is more confident and motivated to take on 2013.

"I have released a number of tracks for my dancehall fans with different flows and style. I also have a song with a hip-hop twist alongside Wayne Marshall, called Mankind, and this track has generated some good reviews," the deejay said.
The artiste is currently promoting singles such as Hot Like Fire produced by JA Productions, Tek A Ride and Touch Off A Me on the Pstreet Label. A mix CD compilation titled 'Above Average' is also expected to be released in the coming weeks.