Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mr Vegas Signs New Reggae Act to His Record Label

Controversial Dancehall & Reggae star Mr Vegas currently embroiled in a court battle with his common-law wife for the custody of their child, has started 2013 on a positive note. The 'Bare Tings' singer has signed a new Reggae artiste to his recording label.

Meet singer songwriter, Duane Demarco Blake aka ReneGrade hailing from Spanish Town, St Catherine, Jamaica.  A follower of Rastafari, his life and spirituality shine though his powerful voice sending an emotive message of universal love, peace and unity while tackling the everyday struggles of life.  The world can resonate to his unique vocals, infectious hooks and potent lyrics. He sings about the positivity of mankind, encouraging his fans to make this world a better place.  

ReneGrade was dubbed the man with three voices in one during the popular Jamaican Television talent competition, “Magnum Kings and Queens” in 2012, where he placed third and captivated an international audience.     
Foundation producer Mikey Bennett, world-renowned musician Dean Fraser and international recording artist, Mr Vegas have all endorsed ReneGrade as the future of Reggae music.  Mr Vegas saw the raw talent in “Renny”, signing him to his MV Music label imprint and will be producing ReneGrade’s debut EP and album titled, Black Survivor.

On ReneGrade’s first single, Formula he sings, “It’s the time to be focused, got to know your purpose cause every man is here for a reason”, while on the richly instrumented Good Call Riddim, ReneGrade spits fire with Black Survivor calling home to mama Africa. 

Watch out for bold moves from ReneGrade in 2013.