Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bounty Killer Adds Dancehall Artiste Chedda To ANG

Dancehall icon Bounty Killer has added recording artiste Chedda to his Alliance Next Generation camp.

According to ANG manager Cross Cris, "Chedda is a talented artiste wey Bounty Killer have respect and ratings for. Bounty and Chedda had a good communication from long time, because Chedda has always been around the unit, we just made it official now," he said.

Cross Cris disclosed that Chedda will now do shows and recordings under the ANG moniker, along with the other artistes in the camp. Chedda is also expected to make his debut performance as an ANG member next month at an event called Block Out.

"There are shows coming up that Chedda will be a part of, he will also record on rhythms associated with the camp. We are just focused on getting him out and grooming him properly," the manager said.

Chedda is the son of veteran dancehall artiste Daddy Screw. The artiste rose to popularity in 2010 for his role in the Straight Jeans and Fitted parody called Fake Jeans Admit It, featuring Trevor Off Key. The artiste has been back and forth in the music industry since, trying to find that elusive breakthrough. However, at this point, Chedda believes his next moment of glory is not far off.
"It's a warm feeling and I feel accepted. But it's not like it's something new, because I've been linking with Alliance for a long time, but the link just more official now. Bounty and my father Daddy Screw have been my mentors in the music industry and with this move, people can expect more from me on a higher level. Just look out for greatness because it's not a normal thing," Chedda said.

ANG members include Iyara, Nymron, Calado, K Queens, Prince Pin, Patexx, Marlon Binns and Bounty Killer's nephew Advance.

Among some of Chedda's current songs in rotation are All Over and Like A Pro. The latter was produced by female producer Wizard and features Brick and Lace member Nyanda. Chedda is also gearing up to release a mixtape called Fusion Chedda is Back.