Monday, February 11, 2013

Dancehall Artiste Stirs Controversy With Oral Sex Song

After reaping some level of success last year with the singles Party Life and Hot Gyal Army, the latter produced on the Menke Rhythm.  Dancehall deejay Reack has returned in 2013 with a controversial new single titled ‘Oral’.

Premiering on several local radio stations last week the track has ruffled quite a few feathers in the Dancehall community with its risqué content.  Singing about the somewhat taboo subject of Oral Sex, Reack tells a tale of befriending the infamous ‘Joe Grind’ but wants nothing to do with his successor ‘Oral’ who continues to wreak havoc on the relationships of his male counterparts much to the delight of the females involved.

In the open entry of the song Reack sings,
“me nah worry bout Joe again, me and Joe a best friend¬¬..
but yuh see the bredda name Oral a him a spoil nuff man program..
ah Oral.. ah Oral.. ah Oral.. ah Oral a him a tek weh man gal…
Joe nuh ova yuh yard a Oral ova deh… 
me did think say me did have the perfect life the perfect couple me and my wife…
can’t believe me ears much less mi eyes what if smaddy did tell me say heh..
every morning me gone a work yuh see..  light man, water man, cable man over deh… 
hear mi woman a bawl fi all Jesus Christ but a nuh him a Oral over deh…”

According to the artiste management, since the premier there has been a tremendous upsurge in demand.
“We drop the song last week and since then every day I have radio people and sound man calling me for it.”

Checks online revealed mixed reactions to the song, on the GazaPriinceEnt Youtube channel one user stated, ‘How man fi name Oral’ while on the popular website another stated, ‘The gal dem ago love dis tune’.

Speaking on the controversy Reack says, “a lot of people been calling me giving both positive and negative feedback but that is what happens when you have a song that’s different. The idea is fresh and has never been presented is this manner before.”

Reack is expected to release an official video for the single in the coming weeks.