Thursday, March 7, 2013

Morgan Heritage Hits No.1 On The Japan Reggae Chart

Within a week from it's release Morgan Heritage "Perfect Love Song" hit number #1 on the itunes Japan Reggae chart.

Although no artists like to be compared to another, Reggae's Royalty Morgan Heritage have been referred as the "Rolling Stones" of Reggae music. Their longevity, their sold out arenas and festivals, and  their worldwide chart topping music make them a contender for the music hall of fame.

Murmurs of critics who have heard tracks from the upcoming "Here Come The Kings" studio album, are in consent that the work is Grammy nominee worthy. "Here Come The Kings" is  slated to be released June 4th.

Morgan Heritage is preparing for a North East promotional tour in support of the growing success of their "Perfect Love Song" single.