Thursday, June 6, 2013

Junior Reid Road Manager Dies From Heart Attack

Amidst preparations for his upcoming album and North American tour, tragedy has struck leaving Reggae stalwart Junior Reid stricken by the sudden death of his close friend and international road manager Mikey Jarrett Jr

According to the medical and police report Jarrett died from a heart attack on Tuesday while in Miami, Florida on a professional assignment. 

Hailing from the boroughs of New York City, Mikey Jarrett Jr. has been an integral part of the One Blood family for over fifteen years and was very instrumental in the professional advancement of the careers of Junior Reid, Wada and Andrew Blood. He also helped to foster relations between the Bloods and a number of international superstars some of whom were under his tutelage. 

A bereaving Junior Reid in a release to the media laments, “Mikey’s death is a great loss to creation, humanity and the music industry. He has done so much for this music and for us as entertainers. Mikey was a man that always wanted to bring out the best in people, it’s really sad to see him go… may Jah guide him on his journey.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by a seemingly shock Wada Blood who tweeted, “Mikey Jarrett can’t believe it star mi feel da one yah Rastafari kno real family mi vibes mash up.”

Junior Reid and the One Blood Family will depart the island in the coming days to meet with his family and attend the funeral.