Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Team Coalition Releases The Goosebumps Rhythm

The new Dancehall project from Team Coalition member - Frankie Music Productions is sure to turn heads and even get a more physical reaction from the ladies, causing Goosebumps! The aptly titled project ‘The Goosebumps Riddim’ Is already getting a great response from music lovers in Jamaica and overseas. The Riddim is toned as a high energy and fun filled project, setting the stage for a new unexpected happy sound to the usual dancehall space.

‘The Beat inspires movement’ said Frankie Music CEO, Comar Campbell ‘Happy and light instruments motivated the project so once you hear any of the songs on Goosebumps you can’t help dancing’
Frankie Music productions is not new to producing unique Dancehall and Reggae music projects  and has released a few compilations that have gained excellent traction and rotation on radio and in the streets. The Coalition Riddim that features Voicmail’s ‘link up’ ‘and the Chillax riddim that included ‘Drunken Confessions’ by Konshens; are among the more popular projects recently released by the production house.
Artistes featured on the Goosebumps Riddim  Project include dancehall heavyweights Konshens, Demarco, Chris Martin, Voicemail and TOK plus fast rising stars Chevaughn, Cee Gee, Nicky B, Denyque and Ck. The selection of artistes was definitely the right mix as they have brought songs that complement the tone of the riddim.

Producing this project was fun for Frankie Music as well as for other members of Team Coalition. Dancehall Duo Voicemail had originally voiced another song on the Goosebumps Riddim when Kevin Blair had a ‘money dream’ and ‘Fat Pocket’ became the song the team decided would be released on the project. Team Coalition members were also pleasantly surprised when Chevaughn entered the studio and started voicing ‘Wine’, a very unexpected song from this reggae crooner. Every song on the project has its own personality and flow and showcase the individual styles of the artistes included while still giving the overall project synergy.

The popularity of Goosebumps is set to only grow throughout the Summer Party Season and become another favourite for dancehall fans worldwide. You can listen to the Goosebumps Riddim on Youtube and Soundcloud as well as by purchasing the project on Itunes.