Thursday, November 14, 2013

Radio Jock DJ Smurf Falls Victim To Scammers

Like several artistes, radio disc jock DJ Smurf has also found himself as the victim of a scam. The disc jock said the incident came to light recently when a promoter from Mandeville called him after calling Irie FM to get in contact with him. He said the promoter called to say he had been trying to get in contact with him for some time about a date he had booked.

"He (promoter) said he already paid the money for me to play at his event," Smurf said.

When the promoter was quizzed further, Smurf said the promoter claimed that he got a number to contact Smurf from a friend.

"He said he got a number from a friend and someone pretended to be me. He arranged with the person to send someone to pick up the money and another person pretending to be my babymother collected the money and gave him a receipt," Smurf said.

Further allegations are that Smurf's impersonator also promised that ZJ Sparks would also play at the party.

"Promoters sometimes have no clue what we (disc jocks) look and sound like, so those persons took advantage. I just want to make other promoters and selectors be aware of this," Smurf said.

"You have to know who you dealing with. You can't be blind to the whole thing. Plus, most of us have booking agents, so go through the agents or meet the jocks in person to avoid things like this."

Generally, he said, the booking agents also sign contracts with the promoters, so should the contract be breached "there's someone you can take legal action against."

In an effort to protect his brand and based on the amount of money that the promoter had already lost, Smurf said he offered to play at the event for free, because he wanted "to make the patrons know that it is not the promoter's fault or my fault."

However, the event did not go ahead as planned on November 2, because of rain.

He continued, "Mi feel a way bout the whole thing. But I have to protect my brand that I have worked so hard on over the years."

Meanwhile, Smurf says he can be booked through SAC Bookings on (876) 312-4333.