Monday, June 9, 2014

Alliance Deejay Warns Gaza Fans To Be Careful of Mavado

Follow a series of diss tracks and a stinging television interview where Mavado leveled allegations of envy, mistrust and lack of support against his former mentor Bounty Killer; Advance a former friend of the Gully Gad and nephew to the Warlord has shot back stating that it was Mavado who caused the death of his own friend because of his ill-bred behaviour on the night in question.

“Yes, life is the most important thing at the end of the day. I do agree a party is just a party, but Mavado, that does not escape the reality that, regardless of the circumstances that occurred that night, the event was destroyed by you, Mavado, and your friends. Connie got shot and died by your behaviour and that’s the reality. And to top things off, didn’t Chase Cross immediately release diss song one week after aiming at the General that you claim you have so much respect for? And what did you do or say?”

Prism Marketing understands that Advance who has toured with Mavado in the past also used the opportunity to warns Gaza fans to be careful of Mavado and his intentions. “A hint for the Gaza Fans, open unnu eyes. Mavado is trying to remove the Gaza moniker and replace it with Gully, but I can honestly tell you that won’t work,”

The Alliance artiste believes Mavado wants to take over Vybz Kartel’s fan base, which begs the looming question. Is that the reason why Mavado has been  lending so much support to former Gaza lieutenants Blak Ryno and Popcaan?.

Advance is currently on a European tour and promoting his collaboration, So The Ting Set Up with a UK-based rapper.