Monday, June 9, 2014

Queen Ifrica Explains Why Gays Are Belittling Her Character

In a recent television interview Reggae songstress Queen Ifrica opened up about a number of topical issues some of which included the “Gay Agenda” that is out for Dancehall artistes, the Grand Gala incident, understanding the gay community and their intentions, counseling gays and shared experiences with them.

After facing damaging backlash from the gay community since her performance at the 2013 Jamaica Grand Gala, Queen Ifrica stepped on Onstage to open up about her latest encounter.

With a new album scheduled for release this summer, the singjay says her focus is on promoting what she considers her strongest work to date. There is no concern that possible protests by gay rights groups may be a distraction and ultimately hurt her career.

“The album going shot wey ’cause everybody want to hear what I have to say. I can’t change who I am, music choose mi to be the person I am in this moment,” a confident Ifrica told the Media.

Queen Ifrica’s music has taken a back seat in recent months. Her promotion of heterosexuality and traditional marriage, during her performance at the Grand Gala at the National Stadium in Kingston last August, irked some gays who saw it as a jab at them.

Since then, the 39-year-old Rastafarian artiste has been hounded by gay activists in North America.