Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Teflon Shot Back At Critics With 'Talk Dem A Talk'

After being forced to cancel several local and international shows amidst the period of mourning following the death of his road manager Ricardo Lowe, sects within the entertainment fraternity were speculating that the Rastafarian singer would have difficulty returning to the fore, while some suggested we may be seeing his slow demise.

However, a resilient Teflon has shot back at these critics with a new single titled 'Talk Dem A Talk' where he scold his naysayers for their pessimism stating as the song title suggest "talk dem a talk" while he continues to "dweet" he also used the track to laud a number of communities across the Jamaican sphere where a strong fan base is enjoyed amidst reminding others he is not one of the 'shave up natty dem'.

Here are a few lines of the song. "Dem sey dem a stop di music ask dem stop it weh.... a put demself inna shoes when it nah fit dem... not even Def Jam cyah market dem... the international scene nah target dem... dem nah walk the red carpet dem... me deven a laugh wid dem"

The track is produced by Master One Production and featured on the Double Standard Rhythm.
Currently, promoting videos for ‘I’m Sure’ and the collaborative effort ‘Same Struggle’ featuring the fireman Capleton the St. Mary native and his team are working assiduously on a new album titled ‘Next Dimension’ to be distributed by U.S based company New Millionaire Entertainment (NME). The deal with NME will see them becoming the exclusive agent handling both digital and physical distribution for Teflon along with his marketing throughout the world for downloadable, mobile and video contents. The dissemination will be done in conjunction with Universal Records.