Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Man Jailed For Calling Policewoman Ugly

A retired policeman was detained at a police station last weekend in St Ann for allegedly calling a policewoman 'Shaka Zulu' during a confrontation. The drama with the 55-year-old retired policeman unfolded last Sunday after there was chaos at a cricket match he attended in Discovery Bay.

He claimed that while at the match, he left to go the scoring area to check on the scores. While there, he saw a woman hitting a man he knew in the head with a cell phone. Shortly thereafter, the ex-cop saw a group of men descending upon the man and beating him.

Soon after, another incident transpired involving a vehicle that hit the ex-cop's in-law. He then took the two injured men to make a report at a police station based on instructions he received.

"I saw a man in plain clothes. I said good evening and told him about the incident. He told me that it wasn't their police area, and he sent me to another. So I said to him, bredrin look, at the man's mouth how it buss up and this man car hit him down, he could have internal bleeding," the annoyed retired policeman stated.

The cop claimed that while in the station, a policewoman outside then told him to go and make the report at another station.

"She turned to me and say, you don't hear the man say you fi go back elsewhere to report it. The woman looked at me and told me I am to come out and go to my yard," he said.

However, the retired cop refused.

"I told her, I wasn't in her backyard. How you must tell me to come out of the station, is a Government building, this is for the public. Mi come out of the station and tell her gweh you come in like some Shaka Zulu," the irate retired policeman stated.

Shaka Zulu is the name of an African monarch. In a song of the same title done by Major Mackerel, the monarch's name is used to refer to someone who is considered ugly.

The cop said upon entering his vehicle, the policewoman ordered that a gate be closed to prevent the retired cop from leaving. He was going to be charged with using indecent language and resisting arrest. His car keys were also yanked from the ignition while the vehicle was on.

"When she (policewoman) was coming towards the car, true I don't want them to say I pull gun on them, mi push down the gun in my waist, way down in my brief almost a squeeze up mi seed," he expressed.

Senior Superintendent of police in charge of St Ann, Yvonne Martin-Daley, confirmed the incident and said an investigation has been launched into the circumstances.