Monday, April 27, 2015

Lisa Hyper Verbally Abuses Vanessa Bling At Award Show

876ENT recently reported that there was a feud brewing between former Portmore Empire members Lisa Hyper and Vanessa Bling, following an Instagram video in which Lisa Hyper sent a sound warning to young singer.

"A first mi ever a do a straight forward Instagram video 'cause mi haffi talk up di tings dem," Lisa Hyper said in the first video that was followed by two others.

"Wi neva run out of lyrics and melody. See the five years you get with Adijah Palmer, dat is nothing. Mi know him from mi a five so learn more than you idiot gal. Know weh you a do and know how you a throw word. Remember a me dis, right? Never change. Don't mek dem fool you."

However, it seems the war of words did not end there as last Friday's staging of the Music Industry Achievers Awards (MIA) during a collaborative performance with Raine Seville, Lisa Hyper decided to use the platform to further chastise the 'One Man' singer who was only a few feet away from her.

Hyper, while performing pointed at her nemesis and hurled a series of insults to a seemingly frightened and somewhat scared looking Vanessa Bling.

The tension in the  room became so intense at one point, people thought things would turn physical.