Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Vybz Kartel Is NOT The Greatest Dancehall Lyricist" - Says Shabba Ranks

In a recent interview with member of Parliament and leader of the Opposition (JLP) Andrew Holness iconic international Dancehall superstar Shabba Ranks had a lot to say. The two spoke about several topical issues including the state of the entertainment industry; music they grew up on and still love, but due to professional constraints not allowed enough opportunity to indulged, entertainers being more influential than politicians, among several other burning issues.

Amidst the jovial moments and myriad of topics was a semi-tense exchange when a statement by Mr. Holness that incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel from his perspective was the greatest lyricist the genre has seen based on sheer wits and use of the language. However that notion was quickly shot down by Shabba Ranks stating that Professor Nuts was his choice in that category and that the things Vybz Kartel was singing about is what he considers to be 'high school' lyrics, nothing impressive to write home about.

Mr. Holness did concede somewhat, saying he is indeed a fan of Professor Nuts whom he considers to be very comical and witty in his own right.

Since Shabba made the remarks many Dancehall fans have taken to social media to share their opinion on the matter. Feel free to share your thoughts 'Do You think Vybz Kartel is The Greatest Dancehall Lyricist?" .

Watch full interview below.