Sunday, May 24, 2015

Female Teacher Accused of Using Expletives & Pulling Knife at Student

A teacher assigned to a high school in western Jamaica is under probe by school officials after she was accused of using expletives to a student and subsequently pulling a knife from her waist in a flex of power and might.

The incident was said to have occurred a week ago. It's understood that written reports have been submitted to the school's management by the accused teacher, and by another teacher named as an eyewitness. A statement has also been taken from the student by the school's hierarchy.

It is unclear whether or not the Ministry of Education has been officially notified of the matter.

Director of Communication in the ministry Byron Buckley could not be reached yesterday for a comment.

Reports are that the student walked under the teacher's arm along a corridor, which triggered a round of expletives from the adult professional.

Despite being urged to calm down and take things easy by colleagues, the teacher continued her rant and slipped a knife from the region of her waist, threatening to use it if the youth ever tried something like that again.

Cases of irregular conduct by teachers against students are rare, but there have been several reports of improper behaviour by students against teachers, some of whom have been verbally and physically attacked.

Student-to-student violence has also been a challenge that the Ministry of Education has been grappling with for several years.