Sunday, May 31, 2015

Popcaan Disses Sean Paul Wife & Defends Usain Bolt

Jodi 'Jinx' Henriques, the wife of Dancehall star Sean Paul has come under some harsh criticism from the Jamaican public via social media for disparaging remarks she made about  her neighbour and international sprint superstar Usain Bolt.

Speaking about Bolt the former cable tv host said, ""Between the bikes ... , loud, horrid music, parties and screams, I honestly wish he would go back to where he came from. He's a horrible neighbour. I cannot wait to move,".

She continued, "So unfair and disrespectful. I've honestly lost all respect for him. He takes his nasty behaviour with him everywhere ... . So many people love him and he's such a poor example of how to behave. I honestly can't blame the set of UPT (uptown) that have him as poppy show in parties or on their boat. He's the ultimate party clown," an obviously fed-up Jinx stated.

Since the revelation a lot of people have come to the defense of Bolt including dancehall star Popcaan who took to Instagram to share his displeasure for comments made by Sean Paul's wife. He wrote,

"Jinx leave Usain alone and move yo Bombocl**t ya gwaan like yo born uptown. A people like unu nun waa see ghetto youth have nothing big up usain loud up the scheme wid the bike a the girl them some more and make some pussy dead."

In less than 24-hours the post has received over 6,300+ likes and hundreds of comments all in support of Bolt.

According to one comment, Jinx has officially eclipsed Ryan Bailey as the most hated person in Jamaica.